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Caitlin Cannon & Erik Nordstrom

"Drink Enough" (written by Caitlin Cannon) 4/21/19

"Messed Up" 4/21/19



Jess Wilton & Erik Nordstrom

"The Skeeter Blues" (Written by Jess Wilton) 12/30/18

"Your Predilection" 12/30/18

"Messed Up" 12/30/18

"Sheep" (Written by Jess Wilton) 12/30/18

Bruce Allsopp & Erik Nordstrom

"Backseat" 10/28/18

"Highway 191" (written by Jeff Santay) 10/28/18

Melinda Lutz & Erik Nordstrom

"Simple Recipe" 9/30/18

"Perfect Answer" 9/30/18

Practice with Melinda at Four Corners Folk Fest, 2018

Dale X Allen & Erik Nordstrom

"Sweet Louise" 8/26/18

"My Best Just Ain't No Good" (written by Dale X Allen) 8/26/18

"Blonde" (written by Dale X Allen) 8/26/18

Patrick Dressen & Erik Nordstrom 7/29/18

"When You Can't Go Home Again" (written by Patrick Dressen) 7/29/18

Patrick Dressen and Erik Nordstrom on KDUR

Erik & Friends in DGO Magazine

Glenn Smith and Erik Nordstrom 6/24/18

"Doubt" 6/24/18

"Tell Us Stephen (a Tribute to Stephen Hawking)" 6/24/18

"RV Life" (written by Glenn Smith) 6/24/18 

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