Lawn Chair Kings ll

Lawn Chair Kings

“This is great grungy country, trailer park Americana, dented LeSabres and Fantas and those lawnchairs with cheap webbing that sag in the middle and fray on the sides—the best kinds! It’s clever, beautiful stuff.” —Katie Klingsporn, Telluride Daily Planet

Lawn Chair Kings have been on the Durango, CO music scene since 2000. They have celebrated a “western garage” flavor, with country, rock, pop, and punk influences. Known for their catchy tunes and good-time performances, Lawn Chair Kings have been a steady force in the Four Corners Region. They are currently plowing fresh, fertile soil with their exciting new release, “Lawn Chair Kings II”, a collection of new songs and old stand-bys, including “Mama She Carried a Heavy Heavy Load”, “Back Again”, “Time Will Tell”, and “What Were Ya’ Doin’”. The current line up features Dan Leek (bass/vox), Steve Mendias (drums, vox), Erik Nordstrom (vox, guitar, harmonica), and Kelly Rogers (lap steel, guitar, vox). While their static-producing retro TV set is broken, they are working to fix it. Special guests include Dan Peha (banjo), Josh Peters (keyboard), Chris Ross (trumpet), and Rick Quinn (accordion). "Lawn Chair Kings II" was mixed by Dale X Allen and mastered by Cris Burns at Fire Mastering in Austin, TX. The CD’s eye-catching design was completed by Rosie Carter. Lawn Chair Kings II has arrived just in time to save BBQ season! Scrape off the grill, let your bare feet settle into the astroturf, and open a cold one...

“Ten years is an eternity to remain relevant in rock and roll, let alone as a local act. Thanks in no small part to pink flamingos, cocktail umbrellas and rusted-out trailers, the Lawn Chair Kings have cleared that hurdle. The outfit officially marks its first decade with the release of a second full-length album, cleverly titled "Lawn Chair Kings II."

For a quartet that has alternately dubbed its music "suburban rock" and "Western garage," the four-year wait between recordings was well worth it. Just like a spring wedding, there's a bit of old, new, borrowed and blue. Some songs are familiar: "Second Hand Store" is one the boys have been doing for years. There's freshness in surf numbers like "El Gato." The borrowed? Lots of guests make appearances, including Dan Peha's banjo on "Time Will Tell," Josh Peters' Question-Mark-and-the-Mysterians-inspired organ solo on "El Gato," and Chris Ross' trumpet, which lends a Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass feel just as it did to their eponymous debut in 2006. And blues - the kind you feel in your gut after a breakup - surface in "After What We've Been Thru."

The strength of this band has been frontman Erik Nordstrom's keen eye for kitschy Americana. Playful numbers have sprung up on LCK recordings and set lists since their 2001 EP featured such ditties as "Alien Abductee" - a staple on KDUR for years. The new release follows suit with tunes like "Horse Hockey," "Monster Trux," and the aforementioned "Second Hand Store." If you've ever attended a cocktail party or barbecue at the Nord's house, you realize it's not an act ... he really is the kind of guy who collected comic books as a kid and probably even wore a little red cowboy hat with a silver deputy badge.

One element of the band that continues to develop is its musicianship. Nordstrom, bassist Dan Leek and drummer Steve Mendias have gelled through the years. The addition of multi-instrumentalist Kelly Rogers (lap steel, mandolin and guitar) to their live sets added honky-tonk grit and energy; on "Lawn Chair Kings II," Rogers' lap steel roughens up the sound, which is a good thing in the wasteland between country and rock. Mixed in Austin, Texas, by Dale X Allen (you've seen him countless times playing guitar for Genuine Cowhide and Dave Insley & the Careless Smokers), the finished product will remain in your CD player for a long time.”-Chris Aaland, The Durango Telegraph

“We headed out with a big band of friends Saturday night to celebrate with one of Durango’s most iconic bands, The Lawn Chair Kings, who feted the release of their new CD at Durango’s most iconic bar, El Rancho Tavern. It was a match made in Purgatory. LCK shared the spotlights with The Freeman Social, who also were cranking out the tunes for a new CD. It was a rocking night for a packed house.

A friend of mine pointed out that when we someday look back, the Lawn Chair Kings will be the soundtrack for our memories of Durango in the ’00s.

Well, they may also become the soundtrack of the ’10s for Durango — and lots of other more far-ranging fans — if the new CD is any indicator of what’s to come from the band.

“Lawn Chair Kings II” is a fun and festive blend of well-written and polished alt-country tunes — done in a style the band calls “western garage.”

The band is fronted by guitarist and vocalist Erik Nordstrom…Backing Erik is Steve Mendias on drums, the versatile Kelly Rogers and lap steel and guitar, and Dan Leek on bass.

Garage, maybe; Western, fer sure. 21st century Western. It all says summer in the mountains to me. And when I’m heading up there (soon!) I know what’ll be pouring out my truck’s open windows.” –Ken Wright,

"This is an album that will fit multiple music tastes. A little bit country, a little bit rock and roll, it is built on smooth melodies and brightly contagious lyrics. The perfect party album, it should played over and over for any occasion."-Cora Younie, Durango Living, Dec 1, 2013

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