"Songs From Underground"

"Songs From Underground" is now available on streaming services and as a physical CD, which can be purchased at Studio & in Durango and at Ravenhouse Gallery in Mancos. I started this project back in October 2018 on acoustic guitar…


Erik Nordstrom-"Quarantine"

We'll get through this. Thanks to Hazel and Dorothy Smith for letting me use their dolls and props!

Chris Bouton & Erik Nordstrom

"Whiskey and Heavy Metal" 9/26/19

"A Miner's Holler" (written by Chris Bouton) 9/26/19

"Smoke and Mirrors" (written by Chris Bouton) 9/26/19

Snowy Plovers

Love is in the air for the summer edition of the "Erik & Friends" series. I'm getting hitched! Shanti Savage is my wife-to-be, as well as my "Snowy Plovers" bandmate. Shanti and I will play at 5:00 on Sunday, June…

Jess Wilton & Erik Nordstrom

"The Skeeter Blues" (Written by Jess Wilton) 12/30/18

"Your Predilection" 12/30/18

"Messed Up" 12/30/18

"Sheep" (Written by Jess Wilton) 12/30/18

Melinda Lutz & Erik Nordstrom

"Simple Recipe" 9/30/18

"Perfect Answer" 9/30/18

Practice with Melinda at Four Corners Folk Fest, 2018

Dale X Allen & Erik Nordstrom

"Sweet Louise" 8/26/18

"My Best Just Ain't No Good" (written by Dale X Allen) 8/26/18

"Blonde" (written by Dale X Allen) 8/26/18