"Songs From Underground" 

"Songs From Underground" is now available on streaming services and as a physical CD, which can be purchased at Studio & in Durango and at Ravenhouse Gallery in Mancos. I started this project back in October 2018 on acoustic guitar and vocals. I later asked Patrick Dressen (drums), Dan Leek (upright bass), Hap Purcell (banjo), and Dale X Allen (electric guitar) to add tracks, and they said yes! Please check out Bryant Liggett's article in The Durango Herald for more information...

Erik Nordstrom-"Quarantine" 

We'll get through this. Thanks to Hazel and Dorothy Smith for letting me use their dolls and props!

Chris Bouton & Erik Nordstrom 

"Whiskey and Heavy Metal" 9/26/19

"A Miner's Holler" (written by Chris Bouton) 9/26/19

"Smoke and Mirrors" (written by Chris Bouton) 9/26/19

Snowy Plovers 

Love is in the air for the summer edition of the "Erik & Friends" series. I'm getting hitched! Shanti Savage is my wife-to-be, as well as my "Snowy Plovers" bandmate. Shanti and I will play at 5:00 on Sunday, June 30 at Fenceline Cidery in Mancos. Also making an appearance will be other folks from our wedding: Rusty Charpentier, Jerry Savage, Chandra Marsden, Nick Jeffrey, Kerstin Nordstrom, Patrick Dressen, Dan Leek, Ward Bailey, and Steve Mason. The show will range from acoustic to rock n' roll. Thanks for your support of local music, cider, and love! 
Cheers, Erik

Jess Wilton & Erik Nordstrom 

"The Skeeter Blues" (Written by Jess Wilton) 12/30/18

"Your Predilection" 12/30/18

"Messed Up" 12/30/18

"Sheep" (Written by Jess Wilton) 12/30/18

Melinda Lutz & Erik Nordstrom 

"Simple Recipe" 9/30/18

"Perfect Answer" 9/30/18

Practice with Melinda at Four Corners Folk Fest, 2018


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